Creative Maths Course

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Mathematics is a profoundly rich subject and an amazing human endeavour whose development and comprehension has had a transformative effect on the world. There would be no internet, no information technology and no smart phones without it. So why is it that so many children perceive it as a dull subject? This course aims to change their perception of mathematics and give them some insight into the way it has transformed our lives.

Through hands-on lessons that examine maths from the point of view of science and technology, architecture, music, history, language and encryption, map-making, literature and the visual arts your child will see the subject in a different light. Excursions are planned to museums in and around London including the National Computing Museum at Bletchley Park. Guest speakers include well-known maths popularisers as well as a Google engineer.

Autumn Term 2017

Lesson 1  introduces digital technology

Lesson 2 takes a look at a documentary on famous mathematician Andrew Wiles.

Lesson 3 is a visit by David Hall who presents the magic of mathematics

Lesson 4 introduces electronics and logic gates

Lesson 5 looks at how origami inspires space scientists

Lesson 6 takes a trip to Bletchley Park and home of the National Museumo of Computing

Lesson 7 sees sound engineer James Welch explain how synthesisers work

Lesson 8 explores the out of this world science of exoplanets

Lesson 9 discovers how maps are made

Lesson 10 is a fun exploration of mathematical games and puzzles.




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International Maths and Physics Tutor

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I hold a PhD in Physics from the University of Warwick and worked in experimental physics research for a number of years at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory’s neutron source near Oxford. After teaching Mathematics and Physics in Zimbabwe for Voluntary Service Overseas, I qualified as a science teacher in 2000. I have taught Mathematics and Physics up to A-level and IB HL level in international schools in the Middle East, Africa and Europe. I am an examiner for the IB board and have sponsored a young man through high school and university in Swaziland and who graduated this year with a BA in Accounting and Commerce.

Since 2013, I have been a full-time private tutor in both Mathematics and Physics. I have taught students with a wide range of abilities with notable success, including helping many students achieve the necessary grades to enter their desired school or university. I am able to adapt his teaching to the level of the student, seek out useful resources and motivate students. In 2014, I helped a Russian student gain entrance to Harrow School. I have also helped a student gain the necessary qualifications to enter Cambridge University as well as two special needs students pass Functional Skills mathematics. I have made it possible for several failing GCSE students to pass mathematics and for many A-level and IB students to gain higher grades than they were expecting. I have taught a wide range of students from diverse cultural and economic backgrounds. This is a small selection of my recent successes.